Escort Business: Dealing with Aggressive Clients

Some people do not get some from their sexual partners because of attitude. It could be their own attitude or that of their sexual partners. For this reason they lead lonely, unhappy lives, having no one to talk to or transfer aggression to, this is when they seek out escorts.

There are also others who have become aggressive as a result of other things, dying relative, low paying job, break up or multiple heartbreaks, family and societal pressure, etc.

Some of these people usually feel that just because they are paying escorts, thy can do whatever they want including abusing the escort emotionally and physically.

Escorts from London and worldwide may be professionals, but they are also human beings with blood running through their veins. They have feelings too and should be accorded due respect at all times.

Tips for Dealing with Aggressive Clients

Just like in every other type of business, escorts come by aggressive clients every now and then. These tips will help escort professionals find a way around them:

Maintain a Calm Disposition

Two wrongs cannot make a right, in the same way, two aggressive people cannot get along, and it will only lead to violence.

Avoid raising your voice at them and do not walk out on them. Avoid sarcastic or ambiguous language, be soothing and do your best to calm them down.

Mind your body language too. No pacing, do not furrow your crows, clench your teeth or fists, tap your feet or shake your waist, do not send a signal of challenge.

Just listen to their grievances without interrupting them. Make them understand that you are interested in knowing what they are unsatisfied with, even if it has nothing to do with you.

Some of them just need some good loving, some just need someone to show they care, even if it is for a fee. There are those who are naturally aggressive, these are the ones you should deal with at first and avoid subsequently.

Be Organized

Disorganization is usually considered a sign of weakness and most aggressive people feed on other people’s weaknesses. Some people will keep their aggression in check if they find you worthy of their respect.

Therefore, even though you are being paid, avoid clumsiness, keep yourself focused and confident, and do not make it look like you are at the mercy of your client. At the same time, never make it look like you are in total control of them, some aggressive people are insecure and get offended at the slightest trigger.

Find Help

Some clients will not calm down no matter what you say or do, some will threaten violence and even proceed to carry out the threat. It is thus important to get help. It is also wise not to warn them before getting help, unless you are psychic and know how they would respond to this.

It is important to note that an assertive client is different from an aggressive client who is further different from a violent one. The first is just a person insisting on their rights, the second is outright rude and insensitive, the third is dangerous and when dealing with this category, it is important to defend oneself, runaway or seek help as soon as possible.

Escorts versus Prostitutes

One of the major challenges most professional escorts face is being referred to as prostitutes or sex workers. This is offensive (without prejudice to actual prostitutes). It is offensive because escorts operate at a very professional level with rules of professional conduct (etiquette) guiding them and it is painful to g through all his professional hassle and end up being called a prostitute.

Escorts and prostitutes are as different as fire and smoke, yes, fire and smoke, not fire and water. This is because, one could come from the other. A prostitute could graduate into an escort and an escort could degenerate into a prostitute.

Differences between Escorts and Prostitutes


Most prostitutes are picked up from either whorehouses, brothels or streets. Escorts on the other hand are accessed by advance booking with an escort agency or with the escorts themselves.


Even where prostitutes’ rates are fixed, they are usually minimal when compared to the charges demanded by escorts.

Escorts could charge as high as $1500 per hour, while prostitutes could charge as low as $10 per hour.


In most jurisdictions where prostitution is illegal, escorting is legalized and even institutionalized. Escorts have a forum and come together to decide what happens and what does not, in their line of business.


All prostitutes give sex, but not all escorts provide sexual services. Most escorts offer companionship for a defined period.

They are usually the plus-ones who follow clients to events, or the people who just go on a stroll with a client and listen to their problems. Hey also offer massage services to calm the clients’ nerves, even if this may lead to sex. The sex may not even be paid for.

Prostitutes just go straight to the sex, there may be no talk at all, just sex. The sex is always paid for, unless the prostitute is giving a bonus.


Sex workers do not carry out official advertisement because of the legal trouble this could cause. They cannot do it online, by bulk SMS, newspapers, magazines or even on billboards. They also stay away from certain areas and lack high class clients because paying for sex is a crime in many jurisdictions and no respectable individual wants to be caught in such a net.

Escorts and escort agencies carry out advertisements and even announce recruitment. That is how legal they are.


A prostitution line is controlled by a “pimp” or “Madame” who may or may not be fair to the prostitutes in their employ.

An escort line is controlled by an escort agency who enters into a contract of employment with the escort.

The escort can even sue the agency for breach of contract, a prostitute has no such rights.


Escorts are not prostitutes, prostitutes are not escorts. Even the client will notice the difference because they hardly have a choice when it comes to choosing prostitutes but in hiring escorts, they get one that suits their desires and other specification.

It is important to know the difference, not just for knowledge, but also for safety, because ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Health Tips for Escorts

While escorts may be independent contractors so to say, they could get so busy with money making and having fun that they could forget to take care of their health. This is ironic especially because their overall health is important for business as the body is the major selling point.

Another fact is that in their line of work, escorts stand a great risk of contracting one form of disease or the other. It is therefore important to take measures to keep oneself safe at all times.

In subsequent paragraphs, we take a look at the various tips an escort could follow to remain healthy and fit for business, as well as live a longer life.

Use protection at all Times

It is possible that having been with a client a few times, they begin to feel familiar and it is almost like you can trust each other. While this may be true, another truth is that the client may have other sources of sexual pleasure besides you. He or she could be bisexual for all you know.

To protect yourself from whatever sexually transmitted diseases and other infections they may be getting from other sexual partners, insist on using top quality condoms, diaphragms, sponges or whatever works best for you both.

Escort services do not work well when one contracts herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital HPV, hepatitis or even HIV.

Never miss your shots

Apart from sexually transmitted diseases that may require actual sex to be transmitted, there are other diseases, like hepatitis that only require bodily contact or exchange of bodily fluid.

What this means is that, even if you are not having sex with a client, mere kissing, touching or even hugging could get you infected. One can never be too careful, some clients may not even know that they are carriers.

The best way to avoid this is to take Hepatitis jabs regularly. Never miss medical appointments and also maintain an honest relationship with your medical care provider, he or she may know other things that could help an escort say safe.

Yoga and Meditation

While this may not protect you from venereal or sexually transmitted diseases, it protects you from others. Yoga and meditation will keep your weight in check. This will not only help you remain attractive to clients, to will also keep you far from Obesity, High Blood Pressure and in most cases, Diabetes.

Doing these regularly will also help maintain stamina and the importance of stamina in the escort business can never be overemphasized.

Well Woman Examination

While taking preventive measures are the best way to go, it also important to double-check that everything is accurate. A Well Woman Exam allows women to check vital organs and tissues for signs of infection and diseases in order to treat them on time and keep them in check.

It is also advisable for men to carry out regular checkups, this goes to the male escorts.

Finally, escorts should look out for each other. Having met a client that showed signs of ill health for instance, painful urination, smelly vagina or pain during intercourse, inform the agency or other colleagues so that they can dismiss the client or find other ways to deal with them.

Article provided by: Babes of London